The key to a healthy site is the maintenance.

Site Performance Monitoring

We check and monitor website page speeds and load times to watch for any problematic areas. In the event that a small fix is required, this can be completed as part of maintenance – or escalated to a ‘project’ which will be quoted separately if it is a major change.

Plugin Updates

Any plugins that require updating will be tested in a development environment then scheduled to push live. If the updates are major/business logic critical, we will ensure this is highlighted prior to going live and, where possible, action out of business hours.

CMS Updates

We ensure that the CMS is kept up-to-date wherever possible. In the case of a plugin-breaking update, we’ll provide advice. For security updates, we will assess the need to update immediately and action accordingly.

Small CSS/Browser Tweaks – as required

Frequency: small render issues will be rectified as required on an as-needed frequency. If it is a large fix it will be escalated to a ‘project’ which will be quoted separately.

Major RoadBlock Alerts – major fixes will be quoted on an as-needed basis

If something major is to change with your website that may stop it functioning – i.e an API is no longer to be supported and an alternative is required, then this will be brought to your attention. This may result in a small fix that can be completed as part of maintenance – or escalated to a ‘project’ which will be quoted separately.

Additional examples of this include: Updates to Major WordPress releases or a Major update to eCommerce Plugins or site.

Email Forms

Email Forms will be checked with a manual post and a request of confirmation of receipt.

All updates are first performed in the development and stage environment before being pushed live.
Code repositories are also kept in sync.

Packages available

Bronze Silver Gold
Site Performance Monitoring Daily Daily Daily
Uptime Monitoring Daily Daily Daily
Plugins Bi-Annually Quarterly Monthly
Core Updates Bi-Annually Quarterly Monthly
Email Form Checking Monthly Monthly Monthly

The key to a healthy site is in the maintenance. Helping to keep things ticking along nicely.

Support add-on (optional)

Issue Management

If an issue arises, your LegRoom contact must be notified. A support request must be submitted. Issues will be reviewed and assessed and a fix ETA will be supplied accordingly. For “high” classification issues the team can be contacted on: 03 5222 6434

Hours of Operation

As part of this agreement, maintenance services are offered during business hours only. However, in the case of “high” classification issues, responses will be actioned out-of-hours if required.

Issue Management

Below is our response times to submitted issues.

Classification Response Time Example
Low Within 3 workings days Issues that prevent updates to existing content, typos etc., not affecting business operations.
Medium Within 1 business day Issues or bugs that are affecting website functionality but are not affecting business operations.
High 0 – 5 Hours Business critical errors where the business is unable to operate without an error fix.

Contact Support

Support issues can be raised via emailing contact@supportroom.com.au or using the contact form below.